Something old. Something new. Never borrowed. Always You.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Who is the muse for the ♥ Boudoir of Madame Moi ♥ ?

"Who is the muse for the Boudoir of Madame Moi?" this is the questions on the lips of the photography team. We casually work through the brief of the 'test shoot' all in aid of the Madame Moi online boutique pre-launch. The
Back on the subject in question "I don't have muse that I follow in particular" I reply. Madame Moi products are based on fashions that are appreciated and things that Madame Moi would like to share with others, the Must-haves and Lust-haves as the company ethos is written, "Something old. Something new. Never borrowed. Always you" 
"So you are your own muse?" I am not self-indulgent, I admire the styles and fashionations of many designers and creatives, although, I cannot pinpoint an exact person that I focus my style on, where is the originality in that? Instead, my eyes are always observing all the creative forms and mediums to draw (sometimes literally draw) inspirations to aspire.  

Madame Moi says, "Be on point but do not follow a trend religiously. Add uniqueness to your look and have fun with it. Everyday, wear something that makes you feel divine. Looking good will only make you feel good."
So don't take trends too seriously since it changes so frequenly (or like the British weather even!)

Okies, I have a few models in mind for this shoot and then the photography team suggest I run with the idea of MOI infront of the camera! Hmmm, I ponder for a while, my nerves kick in and I ask for an evening to contemplate this decision.
Although from previous projects I know my expertise lie behind the camera scenes with the styling, hair, make-up and creative direction. Being the subject is a new challenge.

To do or not to do? So, why not? Let's do this! Although I am not merely as talented nor tall enough to do this for a living and prefer to be behind the magic this will definitely be fun times *shimmies

I would like to invite you behind the scenes to show you what will be of the Boudior of Madame Moi and here is a preview of  products that will be available.


Preparation for the shoot. Look one, The Parisian Artisan
She wears, Victorian vintage lace bow.
Available at Boudoir of Madame Moi ♥ online boutique coming  this SUMMER .
In preparation for the first shoot.
The perfect Eau de Parfum for The Parisian Artisan,
Miss Dior Cherie.
Test shots for the team to achieve the correct colours and lighting.
Accentuating the figure.
The clever photographers with their keen creative eyes working the angles.
Bespoke dress made in the Boudoir of Madame Moi 
with hand-stitched surface embellishments detailing.
"Now pose"  
Styling and products by Boudoir of Madame Moi
and again please (I try not to giggle!)
Next look, hair accessory change.
Preparing the Marianna hair corsage for the special occassion.
I like this, take this shot please photographer.
Marianna hair corsage.
For the look that will ensure you are eloquent in sophistication and elegance.
Ideal for evening wear, weddings and special occassions.
Producta will be available at Boudoir of Madame Moi ♥ online boutique
Trying to compose myself, this posing shizzles is not easy!
Try not to look geeky Madame! Oui oui
Oooh lala, we are getting somewhere.
Avante garde lace bow and corsage hair accessory.
Available at Boudoir of Madame Moi ♥ online boutique, coming soon.
The floral hour. Bow with gold diamonté ditsy floral gem feature.
Available at Boudoir of Madame Moi ♥ online boutique
Change clothes as we go.
I live for the L♥VE of colour
 Rushes onto set
 XXL super lollipop, the props! 
Ooh how I L♥VE
 Think pink, think FUCHSIA ♥ 
All accessories available at
 Mixing up the dress prints with a zebra print belt.
Fruity! Giant oversized diamonté strawberry ring
and the next bow to debut is....the Leopard printos . 
Add a new prop. The Madame Mug for a perfect drink.
Available upon request *while stocks last*
Okies, time for some fun.
Look shocked! Shocking!
How smiley can you be with a cuppa tea?
Cupcake please ♥ 

I almost dismissed this pic but I laughed so hard at it. Big neekin'! 
I don't really have a clue what I am doing here. But, have a laugh on Moi!
Ok, hurry on, let's get this right, 
we don't have long left before the tea goes cold!
We are getting there, slowly but surely at the eleventh hour.
and glides.
Photographer's request, 
"Fun smiles please Madame and relax!"
Let's work this
 New prop, didn't quite work..
as you can see!
Here is the star of the shoot. Running 2 hours late and still in her dressing gown, we go with the flow and work around this little diva!
 Now starring, Miss.Hello KT
 Demanding specific camera angles,
I have to work around her.
 We quickly fit her in and she dashes off to her next gig
Final set, Tiles the styles.
I saw this set and immediately knew I had to work with it.
But what is she doing? LOCO Madame Moi
Let's look serious and stare at the wall
Hold that pose Pop Artsy fartsy
Action slow mo'shot
Does this work? That's the one!
Ooh the lashes, the super lashes
Wish I wore the new papercut Shu Uemura ones! Next time perhaps!
 Tile and style
Prep Moi super bow hair accessory.
Muted colour shots
High Exposure.

And that's a wrap baby!
Closing the curtains for the finalé of the shoot after a long evening of hard work. 
I would like to thank D2(D-squared) the Boss and the on site team for their assistance. 
You have all been nothing but very patient and wonderful working with Moi.

Even though I thoroughly enjoyed this shoot, 
I am still in search of the face of Madame Moi.
 Do you have a suggestion?  
Feel free to email/message Moi. Contact info as below.

Thank you for reading. I hope you have enjoyed this. The Artisan will continue to create, for YOU x

Editing and styling by Madame Moi

♥ Tw@tter: Themadamemoi  

Something old. Something new. Never borrowed. Always you.
© 2010 Copyright Madame Moi. All rights reserved


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    <3 that color GOSH ..... and it inspired me ... that BATHROOM wall :P oeeee .. im gonna take some Bathroom wall aswell XD ... really really cool !!

    those Out FIts .... blow me away hahahaha BIG LOLLIPOP mwhahhahahaah

    U ROCK !!

  2. Absolutely stunning!!! I love the bow and the print dress! xoxoxoxo