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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beauties at the soirée. Sofia Hayat MTV shoot.

Today we are at the plush location Diva Beach, Chelsea for Sofia Hayat's MTV video shoot. Madame Moi has been exclusively invited to cover and capture the behing the scenes magic to share with you.
I went to cover the event and upon approaching discussing the brief with the producer, he requests that I take part in this video, who MOI? Ummmm, sure, as long as I am styled by yours truly, me, myself and I. Agreed. It'lll be fun afterall. Backstage is total model mayhem, beautiful ladies and gents fluttering around, dashing to-and-fro, being styled in preparation for the MTV shoot. MUA's (Make-up Artists) armed with MAC at the hand, stylists with their hair-dryers, crimpers and combs at the ready. The brief , models to be indie, rock chicks or eccentrics trends, retro, Ball gowns with punky hair, Goths, Crazy unique individuals and dark characters.
Let's see how the magic happens with the team involving Richard Austin Rees PR & Fashion Management for Cast & set Mangement
with styling by Mayka, Joey Bevan & Raphaelle Marshall.
Setting the scene at Diva Beach, the intimate dancefloor.
The colour palette

The model cast and extra backstage
Check those lashes and make-up skills. CONTEMPORARY!

Bursts of vibrant hues

Rashida working with the theme and producing the look to compliment the brief. She does it with ease.
Moments later, WAH-LA!
Things can get messy!

Lady Gaga eat your <3 out, SHOW ME YOUR TEETH!

Looking pretty
More Mayka love. Her collection really is, something else and these ladies pull off the perfect look
Compliments all the way models
Little Beauty
Sting and David Bowie influences
Bowie disco diva
Pout the lips please. Theatrical make-upping. Rashida is not afraid to be experimental.
Pout those luscious lips Naomi

More beautiful garment from <3
Noel and pose
Sarah looking graceful
Geri Halliwell?

Michelle with the midas touch, making all the models look beautiful.
Michelle uses a spray paint technique for an even finish which helps lift tone and texture

Style me up please sir
Helen creating wonders with her different layering and crimp
Neil waiting for the limelight with his costume at the ready
Martha the saucy Angel and Noel
Camera 1. Testing testing 1 2 3
Tsukasa as himsaelf, can't fault his style
..and pose lovelies
The Man producing the video, Richard Austin-Rees with model
The disco stick by Louis Marionette
Time to love the camera ladies
The ladies resting after a quick shoot
Loius and Moi
These are the pros, that girl right there, she just don't know! Moi joining in the fun.
Retouch please
Commence the shooting of Sophia's video, "annnnd in 5, 4.."
Sofia Hayat is a British Asian actress, singer and model. Hayat hails from the UK and is of Pakistani heritage. She has worked on both British and Indian projects. Hayat first came to public attention on Sky Channel, Zee TV, where she hosted her own TV show for 3 years starting in 2000. The show became a cult favourite amongst young British Asians. Later, Hayat was in the UK TV talent show Bollywood Star, in which she lost out on the first prize by about 3 places.
Dance ladies DANCE! Move like you mean it!
Couture head gear by Louis Mariette
Sofia, one of her many looks in the video. Henna by a creative extraordinaire Pavan
Needing assistance for this grand piece of art

The dancers working their moves
The models looking fabulosa for camera man 4
Work your thing. Show us you mojo good looking. What a crowd.
All in now, and, that's a wrap!
Darkadian Horizon.  This photo by Kaitography

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dance track with a twisted fantasy theme required a cast and production team of in excess of 60 .

This album covers behind the scenes,candid and a few fashion shots of cast and crew.

Richard Austin Rees PR & Fashion Management took care of cast & set managment and have Madamemoi to extend a huge thank you to the dancers , Fashion Models, Glamour Models and of course Celebrity Fashion Designer & Britains Next Top Model Judge Louis Mariette.

The biggest thanks you’s go to the Production & Video crew, the Hair stylists, make Up Artists, Stylists & Back Stage crew as well as the amazing designers.

Designers used were;, designer label; and Fashion designer Anoosh Naghibi.

Set Management & Casting:
Richard Austin Rees PR & Fashion Management
Stylists:Mayka, Joey Bevan & Raphaelle Marshall
Back Stage: Rae Lim & Ria Thomas
Make up Artists : Davan Ahluwalla, Sara Tidey, karolina Sternal, Michelle Court, Nina Van Houten
Hair Stylists :Metin Warwick & Hannah Morphet
Editorial blog coverage: Katy.V.Chung
Designers: Mayka Amrami (http://www.lovemayka/)
Anoosh Naghibi
Core spirit (;