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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The next story: Erotica Fatalé.

Erotica Fatalé
Image courtesy of Fashionaires - The Seducer of Man
Erotica Fatalé The Synopsis: Only if he knew what his fate would be by the time the moon hits the sky.
Little does he know what is in line. His fate.  A never ending slumber that will begin with the touch of cold steel and end without love.
Covering the Fashionaires Erotica Fatalé photoshoot. I would like to take you behind the scenes and show you the fashionations.
Madame Moi's begins
Creative direction brief with the Models
Interview with Oliver Morris CEO of fashionaires he quotes,
"Fashionaires is a lifestyle. We are not cutting the edge. We cut the edge"
Model Tsukasa Abe
Art director Ruby, she is hands on and a perfectionist
Adding the finishing Ruby touches
His style. His identity. Abe.
Time for the Cosmetic magic
Make-up Artists Sandra and Jo
The Assassin. Eva Gold.
Body Sculpture prop

Oliver and Vipan, Fashionairians.
Fashionaires photographer Vipan in action
Assistant photographer, Sareena.
Test shots
Oliver's involvement in telling the story
Fashionaires writes, 'The Power Is Not In The Sword' A technique that is used is to emotionally dissarm your opponent's defences. The sword is there just for seduction of pleasure, its wielding cold steel that makes a man fantasize his twisted pleasure. The weapon of her choice is unveiling her natural beauty that no man has ever set eyes on before. It is a powerful gesture that gives pleasure without touch. Time is running out and he only has 4.5 seconds to live. Image courtesy of Fashionaires.
Its Not Always What It Seems. Over confidence and arrogance are a bad qualities, believing that you are in control of the situation in front of you is totally misguided. Revenge is sweet. Image courtesy of Fashionaires.
ANTICIPATING THE FINAL IMAGE. SUNDAY before MIDNIGHT 18.04.10 *Watch this space*
Fashionaires Erotica Fatalé Credits

Photo: Vipan grewal
Directed/Produced: Oliver morris/Vipan grewal
Assistant direction: Ruby slate balthazar
Models: Eva gold/Tsukasa abe
Mua: sandra hadi/Josephine Flawless
Stylist: Raphaelle marshall
Assistant stylist: Sacha cocks
Copywrite: Vipan grewal/Fashionaires
Editorial Coverage: Katy.V.Chung
Model Aba and Moi
VIP and Moi. Taking time out
A much needed beverage. Time to let our hair down after a long day and evening.
Kawaii silhoutte and bow sported by Raphaelle
Huddle up ladies! Oopsies Sacha, somebody missed the frame!
At the shoot i wear my first maxi dress this season. Spring rock eclectics. MAXI mise that dress.
♥ Tie-dye maxi dress ♥ Fitted leather belt to cinch in waist ♥ Contrasting vintage neckalace to break up the darkness of the dress
♥ Signature ring, the butterfly ♥ Gold vintage bangles and clasp bangle to add eclecticsm to the look ♥ Chunky wooden heels (for the extra height)
♥ Make up, liquid eyeliner, mineral transluscent powder and nude lips ♥ Hair is hand ruffled at ends with wax to give it texture, back-combed and swept to the side, pinned in slick. High gloss over the slick back side part (not too close to the roots though, greasy monkey!)
And that's a wrap! *Applause for all*

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