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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Fashionations behind the scenes of the Fashionaires shoot

Image by Fashionaires
Arriving on location for the live shoot with Fashionaires, myself and my creative assistant are met by Ruby, the beautiful face,  Style and Art Director behind Fashionaires. I meet and greet the team, who are wonderful and very hands on with the shoot. 

The Venue is filled with models roaming around, photographers, make-up artists, designer schmoosing and unleashing their creative thoughts and ideas. I meet Oliver Morris, the founder of Fashionaires. Established in 2008, the lifestyle brand upholds their philosophy; do not follow, lead. With their fashion editorial shots as seen in Bahrain Confidential, oh lala Mag, B magazine and others. 
Madame Moi. Feed the creative minds eye. Here I commence *Flash flash*
Fashionaires Live shoot on location
Now Abe, this is what we're going to do...
Looking dapper my son! Abe, young budding model, 
contact Moi and I will put you in touch
Liking the styles of the team, I PAP away as usual, the camera at hand, flash here, flash there, now *Strike a pose!*
Shots being PAP'd in the different themed rooms
Now breathe
Jennifer, Oliver and Vip looking preoccupied and all fashionaired
Snapping away
Fashionaires photographer points and shoots, 
high and low for that perfect shot
The Angel, fallen 
Let Moi climb into this box
*convinces the creative assistant* 
Moi having fun, can you tell? It's in the facial expression!
props! Should have gone to Specsavers. Maybe I did!
The trusted MAC make-up used by Rashida 
Touch ups, we always need a good MUA on hand
The boys are being beautified by Jo, decorate his face!
Mayka styling up her muse
Captivating. Graceful and romantic 
Lusciously pretty hair accessories. 
Products launching soon at ♥ The Boudoir of Madame Moi 
STOP Press!
Limited edition prints
The boys come out to play
Models and designer LOVE Mayka
♥ Custom made
The after party after the live shoot. Time to let the hair down.
Location, Vendome, Mayfair London.
Little Miss Emma Mei on her way to the soiré
Photographer Ken
Looking forward to seeing his pro shots!
With CEO of Fashionaires, reminiscent of the Final Fantasy Xiii character, 
Ollie Morris.
♥ Ruby and the cheeky Madame Moi
With Vintage attire seller, Kate, Emma Mei and Moi
She added ambience to the them
The beautiful Ruby and Emma Mei
Bestowing the illuminated steps of Vendome and ending the interesting eve
I am stopped, PAP! Oh what a night. 

Editing, styling and photography by Madame Moi

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Something old. Something new. Never borrowed. Always you.
© 2010 Copyright Madame Moi. All rights reserved

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