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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Girl..Put Your Record On. You're Like A Star in The Sea

Venue: The Hospital Club, London
Date: 15.03.10
I feel just Like A Star , my wish was granted to see the talented endearing soul star Corinne Bailey Rae who won the love of my Choux Pastry Heart.with Thanks to Sam x
The crowd awaits the set change after a bedazzling energised gig opening by Corinne's supporting act, avante-garde musician Fyfe Dangerfield (founding member of the band Guillemots) with his band currently dubbed the Babes, they perform She Needs Me amongst other new releases.

Soulful songstress Corinne is greeted by a reserved audience, I am one of the handful of fans feening for the over-excitement of her arrival on stage. She stands there in a world of her own, wedding band still observed, guitar strapped to her petite, meek self and shying at her emotions. 

Opening her show with Are you here set the tone of where she is at in her music career and life at this moment in time; a new beginning, finding her feet, the past gone but not forgotten. 

A heart felt performance the rendition of her hit single, Like a Star, poured heavy with sadness and, though the performance was close to perfection, the audience was sombre and compassionate relating to Corinne's state of mind. Nevertheless a very memorable moment for myself, delivered beautifully that took me to a precious place, I am sure others would agree.

Elevating the mood, Corinne delivers a variety of uptempo tracks taken from her new album titled The Sea. She shares a very intimate performance of  Closer, full of chemistry and longing. Unforgettable, indeed.

Using a variety of guitars and tambourines, Corinne also shares with us, the soft, romantic, memodic gentle sounds of "an instrument she found in an old folk shop in Leeds" she explains before ending the show with an intense ballad, The Sea

Harmonising with her band
Corinne wears: Asymmetric one sleeve jumpsuit with sash waistband detail, available at REISS
 Corinne keeps her look playful and casual by 
matching her jumpsuit with Flat pumps
Drink of the St.Elsewhere. Created by a true member of the Hospital Club.
Sweetness with the apple aftertaste, a kick, leaving you to desire one more sip.

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